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About Our Classes at Bikram Yoga Cedar Knolls

All classes are 90 minutes.

No need to make a reservation for your class.

Be prepared to sweat and be challenged. Start where you are, and take it one class at a time. In the beginning, it will feel like you're "working hard." Over time, with consistency and frequency, you will discover the meditative aspects of this physical (hatha) yoga.

Try to do your best on any given day, keeping in mind that "your best" will vary from day to day. Even though we do the same 26 postures in every class, every class will feel different. Don't force your body into postures. Don't try to get a good "workout" or "feel the burn." It is more beneficial to try a little less, allowing your body and mind to shift only as they are ready.Be kind to yourself.

Take breaks when you need to by sitting or kneeling on your mat. When you feel better, re-join your fellow students in whatever posture they are in.

All classes are designed for all ages, body types and levels of fitness. Even though classes are conducted in a group setting, each of you will have your own individual experience based on your personal story of health, fitness, injury, stress level, etc. If you are new to the Bikram series, we will set you up in the middle or back row of the yoga room for your first few classes so that you can use more experienced students in the front row as role models. Being able to "see" the postures will give you a preliminary idea of what the postures look like. The classes are always challenging, but they are also always rewarding. No matter how you might feel upon entering the class (tired, stressed, emotional, or simply not wanting to be there), always know that you will feel magnificent afterwards.

About Our Classes at Bikram Hot Yoga Cedar Knolls

Excellent class! Just what my body needed!

                                                              - Steve B.
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