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Meet Marlyne . . .

Certified: 2013
Started Teaching at BYCK: 2013


I started practicing yoga in 2001, and loved that it made me feel more connected and engaged in my body and life. I developed a home practice, and soon thereafter took my first Bikram class in 2002. In the hustle of New York City life however, I didn't develop a regular Bikram practice until 2007 when I walked into Bikram Yoga Cedar Knolls. Since then, I've practiced at studios across multiple states, and completed two 30-day Challenges. I became a Certified Bikram Teacher in the Fall of 2013. I have also been a business and marketing consultant for over 12 years. I consider myself as much a student of yoga as a teacher of yoga. I believe yoga can take us all to the field that Rumi references in his poem, “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there . . ."

Marlyne instructs the following:
  • Bikram - Beginning Series
  • Bikram Yoga is a demanding series of 26 specific postures and 2 breathing exercises suitable for all ages and levels of ability. The series is designed to work the entire body in 90 minutes. The specific sequence of postures works synergistically and cumulatively, each posture preparing the body for the next. This helps undo some of the damage from sedentary lifestyles, high-impact activities such as running and aerobics and the normal deterioration that comes with age, helping return the body to a more balanced state of health.

    With a regular practice, you will experience some of these many benefits:

    • Increase in strength and muscle tone
    • Increase in flexibility of the spine and whole body
    • Increase in endurance
    • Increase in energy and vitality
    • Improved quality of breathing
    • Better circulation
    • Healthier joints
    • Stronger immune system
    • Weight loss or weight gain by helping to regulate your metabolic rate
    • Reduced blood pressure
    • Better posture
    • Better balance (in your BODY and in your BRAIN)
    • Reduction in stress
    • Improved concentration and focus
    • Reduction in the symptoms of many chronic diseases